SEO - Search Engine Optimisation Services

If you have a website and it's just not getting enough traffic from Google, please contact me right after reading this.

I have been building websites since the early 90s and ever since search engines existed I have been trying to increase the number of visitors they send me.

I have experience with Google penalties and have successfully helped companies remove such penalties from their websites.

There are 2 basic services I offer:
  • A full detailed SEO review with recommendations @ £250
  • Hourly SEO coaching @ £50/h
I am based in London, so it is possible for us to meet at your premises if you are in London as well, otherwise, it is of course easy enough to meet online in audio and video chat.
If you would like to know more, please call me on 07481 763353
or send me a message to

Sample 1: Artificial Intelligence News & Blog

I built this website - - and have been SEOing it from day 1. It is now already ranking #1 for two key AI search terms with new ones "in the works". This is a very large project and new sections of the website are constantly being revamped to provide a better user experience and higher search rankings on Google.

Sample 2: Camden Pub Crawl

This is another example of a website I built and SEOd from the outset. is now producing more ticket bookings than it's predecessor site and is still growing with huge scope for expansion. If things are done right these kinds of growth rates are achievable with any website, including yours.

Note: For client confidentiality, I have blurred the numbers in graphs shown above.

Sample 3: Google Penalty Recovery

There are many factors that influence search rankings in positive and negative ways. Penalties rarely are as harsh as seen below (a 3-month total disappearance from the Google results for unnatural links) but they are also far more common than usually recognised. I can help you identify and repair/remove factors causing such penalties. The story of this particular penalty removal is too long for this page, but I am happy to elaborate more in person.

Search visibility graph of a strong Google penalty.
Let's work together to double your search visibility on search engines over the next 12 months like this client of mine:

Call me on 07481 763353 or email for more details.